Sublime text 3 sidebar collapse expand bug or folders missing (fix)

In the latest builds of Sublime Text 3 beta, the sidebar sometimes bugged itself. Either the folders are missing, or not expanding, or sometimes all the files are overlaped.

Workaround: In the menu, Click:
View -> Sidebar -> Show Open Files.
Restart Sublime.

Should work, but let's home the team fies the bug in the following revisions.

Happy coding!


  1. Thanks man, just what I needed! Other solutions I found were for Sublime2 and included installing/ re-installing plugins etc which didn't sound applicable to my situation. Damn search-engines - without search at my finger tips I likely would've poked at menu options and found this myself!

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  3. Tank you very much!I hope the will fix it soon, because i do not really like the files-list. :D

  4. Thanks man, I was going crazy about this, almost re-installed the application!

  5. wow for me!

    Thanks a lot ..

  6. Thank you, this has been bugging me for ages. I've tried all sorts to work around the issue but this worked straight away :)

  7. To add to this fix, it seems that all of your projects need to have the "Show Open Files" set. If you're switching between two projects that have the open files set to different settings( on or off) the bug will persist.

  8. Thanks a lot !!!! You made my day !!

  9. Thank you so much !

  10. Ohhh thank you!!!

  11. It seems to be the session file. I am running on windows 64bit ~

    With st3 closed.
    I went to the app_data/roaming/Sublime Text 3/Local
    Deleted the session file there.
    Then open ST3 and opened my project I was working on, it then proceeded to act as normal.

    Initially I was blaming the SideBarEnhancements package, but it wasn't it.

  12. I am having this problem now, good thing this worked. Thanks!


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