Top things to do after installing Manjaro KDE

In this article I'll explain what you should to after installing Manjaro Linux with KDE  (current version 0.8.8)

Overview on my desktop

So, here's my current Manjaro KDE desktop look:


Here are the most important things I've done after installing Manjaro linux:



First thing, and the most important, was to fix fonts. Default KDE fonts aren't that pretty, so I've installed "infinality fonts" and cairo ubuntu.

Here's my current font configuration:


To achieve this, you must do the following:
yaourt -S freetype2-ubuntu fontconfig-ubuntu cairo-ubuntu

yaourt -S fontconfig-infinality-ultimate

Backup and empty your /etc/fonts directory. Then download and extract this archive to /etc/fonts

Edit the following file, and edit "USE_STYLE" to "WINDOWS7"
gedit /etc/profile.d/


Theme & Icons

1. Go to System Settings -> Workspace Appeareance -> Desktop Theme and click "Gew new themes".
In the filter, type "opensuse". Install the first theme in search results.

2. Install Kfaenza Icons
yaourt kfaenza

and enable them from Settings -> Application Appeareance -> Icons

Fix network management applet

The current network management appelt is way too ugly and non-practical. You can install the old and cool one, by running the following command and choosing option 1 from yaourt.
yaourt kdeplasma-applets-networkmanagement

Restart the computer or the xserver to apply the changes and enjoy a cooler network management applet.




  1. I remember now that when I was testing the development stage of Nouveau (the free nvidia driver) I saw some difference in rendering fonts depending of the driver I was using (nouveau vs. nvidia). So I guess that the nvidia driver blob somehow alters the way fonts are rendered and Infinity fixes (or is doing a workaround to) this. Probably that's why on my system the fonts looked fine (as you said it), while you needed to use Infinity.

  2. Yes, this was probably it. I forgot to check fonts rendering when i had nouveau driver installed by default.

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