Wine - Diablo 3 via launcher error on Ubuntu 14.04

This error occurs on ubuntu 14.04 when trying to run Diablo III from launcher:
Wine - Diablo 3 via launcher error: Please try again after logging on as an administrator

Screenshot from 2014-04-24 14:14:15

To avoid this error, you must launch Diablo 3 using the following command:
setarch i386 -3 -L -B -R wine '/path/to/Diablo III.exe' -launch -opengl

Alternatively, if you want to create a shortcut, run:
sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/diablo.desktop

and paste the following content (don't forget to update the path to diablo .exe file, and the icon file)
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Diablo III
Comment=Run Blizzard Diablo III via Wine
Exec=setarch i386 -3 -L -B -R wine '/path/to/Diablo III.exe' -launch -opengl

You can download the icon file here: , save it somewhere and point the location in diablo.desktop file created previously.


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